Personalized Wallet

10,000 WNET



Our work contains taking technical work out of our clients hands and providing them a trustfull partner to work with at the Wavesplatform.
Clients will have their peace of mind, letting Wavesnode.NET handle all the technical work needed, making their project a succes at the start and in the future.


General Consultancy:
All our deals include general consultancy which is including, but not limited to:
Helping you through every process step by step.
Sharing our knowledge about the Wavesplatform and providing 30+ years combined experience in IT and 7+ years in Crypto.
We can provide strategic advice on how to move forward with your project.

Customized Wallet:
With this package we will create a customized wallet based on the original Waves liteclient.

A few examples of custom options are:
Having your own logo.
Your token on the frontpage.
In-wallet DEX functionality based on the Waves DEX or a private DEX by running your own matcher.
SLA on updates for your custom wallet based on official wallet updates.

This product contains a lot of custom options, therefore this price includes general consultancy only. After that a custom price and plan is made for your project.
If we have worked out the personalized wallet package, you will also are eligible to use our twitter service and your project will be posted on our website as supported project.